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Nanteos Mansion is a grade one listed Georgian Mansion, regarded as one of the most important estates in the county of Ceredigion. Whilst records of the estate stretch back to the 13th century the Mansion itself was built by the wealthy Powell family in 1738.

The Powell family remained in residence for 200 years up until the last of the Powell's, Margaret Powell, died in 1951. At its height the estate covered some 35000 acres, covering most of what is today Aberystwyth and was the major employer of the county.

Today after four years of meticulous and painstaking renovations and refurbishment and some 5 million pounds of investment, Nanteos Mansion has once more opened it's doors reviving the long tradition of welcoming guests to enjoy a what is a quintessentially Georgian Mansion that just happens to be a luxury hotel!

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Nanteos, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales SY23 4LU   01970 600522