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Man’s best friend


Everyone loves dogs. Well, not everyone. But I think it’s fair to say that we are generally mistrustful of people who don’t like dogs. ‘You don’t like dogs?’ will always be followed by incomprehension and a slightly puzzled look and the conversation will end, slowly. If you are one of those people that don’t like dogs then please, don’t come to Nanteos on 4 October, you might not like the spectacle of dogs having a blistering good time!

Dog and Gun show
What constitutes a good time for a dog? They like a decent nap, enjoy a good slobber, and food of course but most of all they like chasing and fetching things. And what do we humans like to do most? We like to order such things into sports and games and create healthy competition. An industrious dog handler must have thought one day: my dog is better at fetching stuff than that other dog but how do I prove it and there we have it, a new sport is born; the sport of a man shooting something and a dog going to get it. It’s not chess but it is good fun to watch.

Compete or come and cheer on the dogs
Whether you want to compete or watch dogs fetching things then Nanteos will be the place to be. There’s place for 20 teams of two with 15 targets per person and 5 retrieves per dog. You won’t be able to apply to compete on the day so you must register to enter before 29 September (forms are available here …) and you must be a BASC registered member and a current shotgun certificate holder.

You can see more details here: http://basc.org.uk/. If you just want to come along for the show then please do so, I would suggest some wellies, a warm blanket and plenty of dog treats.

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