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The Shadow of Nanteos by Jane Blank

Book Launch


The author, Jane Blank, whose writing has been described as ‘suffused with tenderness and compassion’, ‘fast-paced and darkly funny’ and ‘witty and saucy’ is delighted to be able to launch the book at Nanteos itself.

On the evening we’ll be welcoming invited guests with drinks and canapes with a tour of the house followed by a reading/signing and, in honour of the time the book is set, a Georgian-themed dinner.

The book details the often dramatic consequences of running a large estate in the middle of the 18th century. It follows the tribulations of William Powell and his wife as they inherit the mansion due to his older brother unexpectedly passing away without a natural heir.

The house has always been synonymous with legend: ghosts of long-since-passed inhabitants (The Grey Lady) and the Nanteos Cup with its connections with medieval healthcare so it’s no surprise The Shadow of Nanteos is filled with drama and mysterious characters (sounds a bit like our kitchen). Garmon Gruffudd, representing the publisher, Y Lolfa is very proud the book can suffuse together writer, publisher and history of place.

Jane's work has won prizes and awards and been featured in numerous magazines and anthologies including Planet, The Western Mail, Big Issue, Observer Magazine and The Independent. She previously published Geometry of Love (also by Y Lolfa) and Laughing, Not Laughing (Honno Press).

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