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New Year Eve Mascarade Party


Mascarade is a sixteenth century French word for an assembly of people who are disguised or are wearing masks. While the word is older than the contemporary buildings at Nanteos, these days when you hear the word masquerade you’ll probably think of Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut or a typically lavish New Year’s Eve party. Thankfully it is the latter we’re discussing (no need for passwords here) and a typically wonderful Nanteos event like no other: a masquerade New Yea’r Eve party, so you’ll have to bring a mask, and no, your Darth Vader helmet from when you were 12 won’t cut it, it has to be stylish. Like many Nanteos New Year’s Eve parties over the ages, this year’s event is going to be a rip roaring affair with great food, even better wine and a band to keep everyone happy for only £99 per person.

We’ll start the evening as we mean to continue with a delicious canape on arrival, complimented of course, with a glass of champagne. Breathe in the wonderful scenery and eye up the competition and see what masks your fellow partygoers have brought along!

Next up will be a somewhat luxurious 5-course menu, don’t worry, you’ll be able to work it off dancing to the band, The Omega 3, later (but just double check you know who you’re dancing with). But before the jiving and grooving there’ll be plenty of time to coo at the fireworks as the masqueraders all toast in the New Year (again, just double check who it is you’ll have in your arms).

And the best bit is that isn’t even the best bit – breakfast will be served at 3am for anyone not recovering from the splendid feast that was served the previous evening, or year… We’re sure it will be a fun-filled evening with plenty of laughter, dancing and dare I say it, carousing.

Of course if you really want to be part of things you can choose to stay with us with packages starting from £199 (based on two people sharing) and you can have breakfast in bed then instead – probably a good idea after all that carousing.

Call Nanteos now on 01970 600522 to book your ticket or visit our accommodation page to book online.

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