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Nanteos in Trivago's Top 20 Hotels in Wales


It’s official*, Nanteos is among the top 20 hotels in Wales. That’s all the hotels in Wales and there’s hundreds, maybe thousands (we haven’t counted though, yet). We are the only hotel in mid-Wales to appear in the top twenty so if you ever find yourself in the mid-Wales area you know the best place to stay. Reviewers have lovely things about us such as Maureen who says of Nanteos: ‘Welcoming and felt well catered for. Clean, warm room and overall great hotel,’ while Jeffrey writes: ‘The staff were great, very helpful and provided information on places to visit during the stay. Food was really good. A very interesting hotel with lots of character.’
It would be self-defeating if we didn’t think of ourselves as a great place to stay, and so do the reviewers of Trivago it seems: they must really like comfort, style, good food and elegance. Trivago is a well-known worldwide hotel-booking website and it is they that say we’re a top hotel (www.trivago.co.uk).

They’ve used over 190 million ratings gathered from over 30 websites worldwide, and they’ve crafted a comprehensive, fair and reliable index of hotel ratings. They then aggregate the ratings which provides a dependable and impartial score, whether a hotel has 400 reviews or 4,000. Based on a tried-and-true mathematical approach, their index is unbiased, clear and transparent so you can trust their review system.

And out of everyone that’s visited Nanteos 475 have left some pretty great reviews for us to be in the top 20 hotels in Wales! You can’t argue with hard facts. So if you’re looking for a relaxing break any time of the year Nanteos is the place to be, but don’t listen to us, we would say that, listen to Trivago’s reviewers with Jayne writing ‘The position of the hotel is idyllic,’ and K kindly describes us as a ‘beautiful well-maintained hotel in amazing grounds’. You can’t argue with gorgeous descriptions sometimes either!

*Based on Trivago’s inaugural Top Hotel Awards.

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